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After serving two years as Vice President, he has  taken another step to move this Association to another level.

Lawrence Palmer-Pic_edited.jpg

Board Chairman

No stranger to the leadership role, this Past President comes onboard with a wealth of knowledge and is not afraid to voice his opinion.

IMG_1226 Jarrett-Miller.jpg

Avis Jarrett-Miller

Been the first female President of  JEPA, you know she'll continue to make a great impact serving in this position.

Alphanso Donn-Profile Pic.png

Alphanso Dunn
Vice President

Been a part of the JEPA'S backbone over the years , he will be front and center in keeping everything in order.

IMG-20171126-John Hodgson.jpg

Vice Chairman 

As  the immediate past President and former Board Member he has proven that he has what it takes to be a leader. Don't expect him to shy away from any upcoming position in the coming years.

Sheryl Marsh-Profile Pic.png

Sheryl Marsh
Asst. Secretary

Always willing to go the extra mile, she'll make a great Assistant Secretary.


      Franklyn Coombs


As long as this individual is in charge of our finance, JEPA will always be a solid  association in this region.


Sam Bryan

  Asst. Treasurer

Likewise, his position as an Asst. Treasurer only helps to cement our place in the region.


 Malachi Smith

Public Relation Officer

Been a past President of the Association He comes onboard with a wealth of experience. You Know he wont disappoint.

IMG_1244 Mills.jpg

Dudley Mills

                    Board member

Former President as well as a former Board Chairman, He'll be a resource person on this team.

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